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Spinal Retractor Systems

Geister's top range of spinal and neuro retractor systems including Peek or Titanium Cervical Retractor Set according to Caspar, Spinal Distractor Set according to Caspar and the Lumbar Specula Retractor

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PEEK Cervical Retractor Set acc. to Caspar

The highly diversified spectrum of various blade shapes and sizes of the complete set according to Caspar enables safe and easy application, even in the case of procedures on obese persons.

The lightweight tray storage made of perforated metal supports handling during the entire surgical process and guarantees secure, sterile processing with optimal hygiene while saving time.

The radiolucent material properties of the blades and retractor arms in the PEEK set enable artefact-free representation of the spine during intraoperative X-ray examinations – for an optimal surgical result.

PEEK blades are suitable for use with all G BLUE LABEL und GEISTER® Caspar retractors with a ball-tip closure

Titanium Cervical Retractor Set acc. to Caspar

The complete sets according to Caspar from G BLUE LABELTM, made of titanium or PEEK, include an ingenious collection of various instruments which are particularly suited for anterior approaches in cervical spinal surgery.

The different longitudinal and transverse retractors of the titanium cervical retractor set according to Caspar, with their secure self-retaining function and double-arm joints, ideally fit the patient’s anatomic requirements.

During the entire procedure, they ensure an unimpeded view of the surgical area and keep the amount of staff required to a minimum.

The side-load blade slot with a hand retractor system or longitudinal/transverse retractors simplify the detent and changing of blades, even during surgery.

Spinal distraction set acc. to Caspar

A precisely adjustable instrument set which maintains the desired position in a simultaneously stable and reliable way is essential for the distraction and compression of vertebral bodies.

For this reason, the spinal distraction set according to Caspar is ideal for the treatment of myelopathy of the cervical spine triggered by osteophytes. The fine grid of the rack helps the distractor achieve an outstanding adjustment to the patient’s anatomy.

In the case of multisegmental procedures, fusion takes place either gradually or with the aid of the longer rack which bridges the distance between C3-C7 in combination with spinal implant.

Lumbar Specula Retractor Set acc. to Caspar

With a variety of various instruments and blades, the spinal retractor set according to Caspar is the perfect solution for minimally invasive dorsal-lumbar approaches in spinal surgery, especially discectomy and decompression.

The black, glare-free coating prevents interfering light reflection, especially when working under the surgical microscope, and adds an extra degree of lasting hardness to the surfaces for long-term operational capability.

Blade lengths from 40 to 100 mm enable safe and easy application, even in the case of procedures performed on obese patients

Wound Retractor Set acc. to McCulloch

The linear product design of the spinal retractor set according to McCulloch, which focuses on the essentials, combines flexibility, stability and precise adjustment - for outstanding visualization of the surgical site.

Precise procedures such as microdiscectomies or treatments of the posterior lumbar spine in an outpatient and inpatient setting are particularly well supported by the set. 

G BLUE LABEL wash around rongeurs

Wash around rongeurs and punches from G BLUE LABEL are distinguished by their extreme ease of cleaning: Their open, permeable design allows for effortless, safe and efficient processing – without time-consuming disassembly.

Superior simplicity of use, smooth movement and light weight allow the surgeon to operate them without fatigue. 

Spinal Retractor Systems

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Spinal Retractor Systems

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