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Emmat Medical

Single use disposable and reusable diathermy and laparoscopic instruments and accessories from Emmat

Emmat offers a wide range of diathermy instruments and accessories, both reusable and disposable, and a selection of competitively priced single use laparascopic instruments. 

Our product range includes, but is not limited to:


  • Monopolar and Bipolar Cables to fit all major OEM generator brands
  • Finger switches and foot switches
  • Needle electrodes, blade, ball and loop electrodes
  • Reusable Monopolar forceps, various lengths, incl McIndoe, Gillies, Adson
  • Reusable Bipolar forceps, incl McPherson, Jeweller, Adson, straight/angled
  • Bayonet forceps, various sizes and angles

Single Use

  • Plate electrodes, finger switches, quivers
  • Loop, ball, needle electrodes
  • Monopolar forceps, various lengths, complete with 3m cable to 4mm Pin or 8mm Bovie
  • Bipolar forceps, various styles, sizes, angles complete with 3m lead to fit all generators with 4mm sockets for bipolar output
  • Veress needles

Single use Laparoscopic range

  • Scissors, hooks, Johan, Maryland graspers
  • Cables


  • Single use Spackman Cannula
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