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Why should you buy Tekno's Lightweight Needle Holder?

Find out about this month's featured product and why you should invest in Tekno's Lightweight Needle Holder

Why should you buy Tekno's Lightweight Needle Holder?

July's Featured Product


Like saving money? For the month of July we are offering 15% off Tekno’s Lightweight Needle Holder to our Newsletter Members. To access this deal, customers must quote 'EmmatJuly' and be a member of Emmat's Newsletter.

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5 reasons to invest in Tekno's Lightweight Needle Holder

1. ‘Anti-Crush’ handles

All of Tekno’s light weight needle holders have an integrated overload safety system, which protects the product from damage made through force effect

2. Endurance

Tekno’s product is composed of anodised aluminium to enable a longer resistant and fatigue-proof working process

3. Options for different jaw profiles

All models come with the option for different jaw profiles, including both straight and curved jaws.

4. Curved or straight handles

Handles are available both curved and straight, with the options for 3mm and 5mm length instrument.

5. Ease of sterilisation

All models are equipped with a Luer-Lock flushing port, which guarantees for an optimal cleaning and reprocessing.


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