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Product Spotlight: Vollmar Recovery Probe

All about our new remote Iliac and Femoral Endarterectomy Surgical Devices

Product Spotlight: Vollmar Recovery Probe

February Product Spotlight –

This month due to increased interest in Vascular centres across the UK, we are introducing our latest product offer - the Recovery Probe according to Vollmar.

Our Vollmar Recovery Probe (otherwise known as a Vollmar Ring Stripper) is designed for use in Femoral and Iliac Endarterectomy. When the femoral artery is stenosed or blocked, an Endarterectomy can be performed to remove the plaque with the view to improve blood flow and circulation. This can be used in conjunction with angioplasty or stenting in order to improve restoration of circulation in the patient.

What makes our product special?

Our new design for the Vollmar Recovery Probe features a wire loop which is inserted into the Recovery Probe and positioned in the grooves of the main ring. Once the Recovery Probe is positioned correctly, the wire loop can be pulled through the Probe, helping to cut and remove the plaque from the femoral artery. Ultimately this means that only one incision will need to be made to perform the Endarterectomy surgery.

Each wire loop is single use and will need to be sterilised prior to use. However, the Recovery Probe itself is reusable and comes in a large range of ring sizes.

What is the research base behind this study?

Please find the below links to relevant Clinical Papers:

1.  Arterial Restoration 

2. Saving a patient from Hip Disarticulation 

3. External Iliac Remote Endarterectomy

4. Remote Endarterectomy Study

5. Retrograde Iliac Endarterectomy Study

6. Muenchen Study

How do I fit the wire loop into the Recovery Probe?

How do I sterilise this instrument?

Please find the manufacturer’s sterilisation instructions here.


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