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Geister, founded in 1984, is a manufacturer of surgical instruments with focus on cardiovascular, neuro, joint and powered surgery

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Founded in 1976 Tekno’s highly skilled craftsmen have been supplying the medical industry with top quality instruments for over 40 years.

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Tekno Bipolar Resectoscope

Sheaths, working elements , electrodes for Tekno’s patented, truly bipolar resectoscope system

Find our catalogue pages for Tekno’s Bipolar Resectoscope. Tekno’s range of surgical instruments are high-quality and German-manufactured. All of our instruments are competitively priced to give you the best value deals with premium-quality.

The Tekno system for bipolar resection impresses by its outstanding cutting quality and maximum safety. The special insulations of the bipolar system guarantee unique safety for patient and user.

The Tekno system possesses not only a bipolar resectoscope, but also an HF unit, especially adjusted for the instrument with specific performance parameters for bipolar resection. In spite of this specification, the unit can also be used in all other surgical fields without any restrictions. The user can choose among a huge variety of new designed electrodes, which meet the highest safety demands.

General advantages of the bipolar Tekno system against monopolar resection:

  • Less conductive trauma, as the flow of the current between active and neutral electrode is strictly limited to the target area.
  • Lower risk of capsular lesion.
  • Less thermal damage to neighbouring tissues.
  • No need for neutral electrodes and thus eliminating all risks related to their use and positioning.
  • The low voltages bear only low risks of damaging the instrument or the scope. •
  • Due to their lower voltages, the bipolar currents do not interfere with pacemakers or other instruments used during the intervention.
  • Advantages of the bipolar Tekno system against competitor’s products:
  • No risk of injuring the Urethra, due to the complete insulation of the sheath and other components of the system.
  • The high effi ciency of the TEKNO system guarantees extremely fine cuts and a precise coagulation.
  • Better visual orientation than with competitor’s products, as the neutral electrode is placed outside the field of vision.
  • Effective removal of cut off tissues as the neutral electrode is situated outside the working area.
  • The Tekno system offers the widest range of different electrodes.
  • The Tekno system HF unit can be used for all surgical purposes in spite of its specific performance features for bipolar resection.
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